About Us

   TIP,established in 2009, is mainly foucus on the R&D, production and sales of automotive high polymers fluid pipeline systems and sealing system parts and assemblies. It is a national high-technology enterprise with three production bases in Shanghai and Ninghai,Zhejiang. The company's main customers are NCIC, Dongfeng Nissan, KKC, JMC, POAI, TI, etc. In addition, the company's customers also including internationally renowned Engineering machinery manufacturers such as Kubota etc.



  • Moulded parts - 04
  • Moulded parts - 03
  • Moulded parts - 02
  • Moulded parts - 01
  • Metal Plastic Parts - 04
  • Metal Plastic Parts - 03


  • Recipe Research

    TIP already has a R&D team with outstanding ability and reasonable age structure. At the same time, TIP also employs senior consultants and external experts to diagnose and guide R&D work and to further understand the future technical direction of the ind
  • Laboratory

    TIP laboratory have domestic first-class research, testing and analysis capabilities, and actively cooperate with third-party laboratories such as EDAG in German, local SGS institutions, and Pony Testing Group.
  • Equipment Technology

    After years of talent training, TIP has established a technical support team with reasonable personnel structure to provide strong support for the company's equipment introduction, maintenance and maintenance.
  • Production Technology

    TIP has accumulated rich experience in tooling mould development, production site transformation, product line layout, plant planning and design, etc., and has created an excellent production technology team.
  • Engineering capability

    In addition to the conventional 2D and 3D design capabilities, TIP has continuously introduced and upgraded the simulation analysis and verification capabilities, and has the ability to positively design and develop products, effectively improving the syn